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Max Behensky, Stephanie Mott, and Doug Milliken have been working for more than 30 years to bring research quality simulations of physical systems to arcade games, video games, and other forms of interactive entertainment.  Vehicle models we developed while working at Atari are at the heart of the ground breaking arcade games Hard Drivin' and Race Drivin'.  Our vehicle model powered the stock car racing simulators at Silicon Motor Speedway at various locations around the US.  We also ported Samurai Shodown to the 3DO game console.

Our car models have been developed with the aid of  Milliken Research, Inc. Bill Milliken did much of the pioneering work on mathematical analysis of car handling (when he wasn't racing Bugattis at Watkins Glen).  He and his son Doug are the authors of Race Car Vehicle Dynamics, which is becoming the standard text in the field.

Here are links to some of the companies we've worked with, either as TLTI or employees:

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